A Place Of New Beginnings

Since more than 60% of our residents are children, Lindsey House provides a home-style atmosphere that encourages change, structure, and accountability, as well as life changing supportive services that benefit the entire family. For many of these parents, it is their only opportunity for a chance to get back on their feet before falling into the cycle of poverty.

Each Lindsey House family arrives after experiencing situational homelessness. There is a big difference between situational and generational homelessness. To learn more about homelessness, please follow the homelessness link in the menu bar.

Lindsey House is a place of new beginnings in a community that cares. We partner with the community to provide a solution to situational homelessness.

We serve to prevent families from falling into generational or chronic homelessness and poverty. Lindsey House partners with families to identify a roadmap to self-sufficiency.

We offer a home for today and hope for the future. Our unique blend of long-term housing and supportive services strengthens both the families we serve and our community.